The European Film Festival will be held from November 13th to November 29th! This 35th edition, uniquely online, promises you 27 European (1 film per country) high quality movies!

Each movie will accessible online for a 48 hours period of time, and will be in its original version with English and occasionally French subtitles.

The chosen French movie for this exceptional edition is The Best Years of a Life, available on November 28th and 29th. Sequel of the now cult A Man and a Woman with Jean-Louis Trintignant and Anouk Aimee who both reprise their roles, and directed by Claude Lelouch as well, this fiction will definitely move you.


Now in his early 80s, former racing driver Jean-Louis Duroc (Trintignant) is convinced that his best years are behind him. He lives in a care facility, stubbornly refusing to participate in any home activities. He prefers to be alone, lost in his memories and dreaming of his former beloved, Anne (Aimée). Antoine, Jean-Louis’ son, resolves to find Anne and invite her to visit. And find her he does: she is a widow, running a small shop. When she does visit Jean-Louis, the reunion is an extraordinary moment for the characters, and for these veteran performers as well.

As they get reacquainted, Lelouch interweaves footage from A Man and A Woman, in clever, revelling ways, both contrasting past and present while stitching them together. Both whimsical and deeply moving about time’s passage, The Best Years of a Life’s spirit is captured when Jean-Louis says to Anne with charm, humour, and a touch of playful regret. “We never could live together but we could die together”. As the film’s opening epigram from Victor Hugo states; ‘The Best Years of a Life are those not yet lived”. These two characters (not to mention Trintignant, Aimée, and Lelouch) offer ample proof of that.

To have access to the European Film Festival, several options are possible:

  • To watch one movie : $12
  • To watch up to 5 movies : $50
  • To have access to all the movies of the festival : $100


Find out the whole program and all the information here.