On February 13, 2020, the Embassy of France in Canada hosted a day-long presentation of the new baccalaureate. This day followed a similar meeting organized in Washington the day before and dedicated to American universities.

The reform aims to modernize this degree and to anchor it in an increasingly international academic and professional landscape, thus better meeting the expectations of North American universities. One of the main objectives is to enable future graduates, who are resolutely turned towards the international scene, to be more autonomous and involved in the choice of their orientation.

Canadian universities attract many bachelors from the North American Agency for French Education Abroad network: 84% of them pursue their studies in a North American university, thus benefiting from the excellence of the courses and teaching offered there.

Some 60 people participated in this day of discussions, including two inspectors general of education, sport and research (Ms. Chantal Manès-Bonnisseau and Mr. Johan Yebbou), institutions of the Agency for French Education Abroad network in Canada as well as representatives of Canadian universities. This day was an opportunity to recall the excellence of the secondary education of the Agency for French Education Abroad network and also to demonstrate how the new structuring of the baccalaureate will make the students of the network even more attractive to Canadian universities. 

The quality of the discussions between the French and Canadian participants opened very good prospects for student exchanges between our two educational and university systems.


Ambassador Kareen Rispal and the speakers of the day of presentation of the new baccalaureate

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