The directors Jean-Marie Barbe and Arnaud Lambert take the opportunity to be in Vancouver for DOXA and present their movie Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain, to introduce us to the new platform for documentaries Tënk.

Tënk is a new video platform showcasing independent documentaries. Its aim is to champion the genre, keep it alive (against the backdrop of crisis in French documentary film production) and ensure that documentary films continue to be both seen and produced. Tënk will not only show films, but also has medium-term plans to co-produce new documentaries. 

In today’s fast-paced information age, where the media has melded into one standardized mass bombarding us with images, creative documentaries clear a space for filmmakers to offer a personal vision, and depict a reality that is in no rush to take shape, and left open to interpretation.

For more inforamtion about the platform and to suscribe, visit Tënk.