The Cultural and Scientific Office of the French Embassy held a training session in Toronto from July 3 to 6 for FSL teachers and school administrators in the Canadian education system. The basic training, provided by CIEP Program Officers, lasted 30 hours with mandatory attendance. The training allows participants to become DELF examiner instructors.

The DELF and DALF exams are administered in 175 countries. In Canada, tens of thousands of students take it each year. To evaluate the candidates, examiners must obtain an official authorization from CIEP. Examiner instructors are local authorities which, in addition to participating in exam sessions as examiners, are responsible for training local teams.

This year, 20 people participated in the training session, most of whom are from the province of Ontario. This will make it possible to meet the needs of the Ontario Ministry of Education, which will be opening a DELF centre next fall.