This workshop takes place in the context of a writting, research and creation session set up by Teatr Piba (FRANCE), in collaboration with IFREMER (FRANCE), Ocean Networks Canada (CANADA) and the University of Victoria.

This workshop is a 4-day « transversal research and creation » workshop, focusing on the deep seas topic. It will be implemented as an interdisciplinary research lab.

Four different topical workshops will be proposed during four days. Each workshop will be moderated by a scientific / artist duo. If possible, participants who volunteer will have to commit themselves to taking part in the whole four- day period, and will have to position themselves on a given topic choice: space-scenography / writing-dramaturgy / bodyvoice- stage / sound design – creation.

Although each workshop will be autonomous, pooling session will also be proposed at the end of each day. Throughout the course of the workshops, the artistic coordinator will make the link between the different topics and pieces of work. A final pooling will be organized on the last day, and will be followed by a work-in-progress public presentation.

Beyond the experimental and educational aims, this workshop will try to target alternative and innovative ways to explore and investigate different concepts such as verbatim theatre and science popularization, especially in view of the creation of the DEEP-THOUGHTS ~ DONVOR show.


The Donvor ~ Deep Thoughts project raised from first meetings between artists from the Brittanybased theatre company Teatr Piba, and the scientists Pierre-Marie Sarradinand Jozée Sarrazin, who are in charge of the “Deep-sea ecosystem unit” at Ifremer, Brest-Brittany. From their first exchanges, both artists and scientists have conceived a long-term cooperation, built on back and forth experimentations between their respective fields of work in research and creation.