On the occasion of the Vancouver Writers Fest and of the TIFA (Toronto International Festival of Authors), you will have the opportunity to listen to the famous Franco-Lebanese author Amin Maalouf, who will present his new book, Adrift: How our world lost its way!

The writer, member of the Académie Française since 2011 and winner of the Prix Goncourt in 1993 will be in a conversation on Sunday, October 25th for the Vancouver Writers Fest at 11AM (Vancouver time) along with other international authors on the theme of the interviews. On Saturday, October 31st, you will be able to meet him virtually at the TIFA at 11AM (Toronto time) during a videoconference where he will present more in details his new work.


The observation of great challenges to face for global societies

Adrift: How out world  lost its way is the story of the observation that societies are evolving towards “a global wreck”. The world leaders of yesterday (USA and Europe) do not seem to be the inspirers of a better and fairer international scene anymore. Arab-Muslim worlds have to face problems so important that they impact the international arena. Emerging countries (China, India, and Russia) rise in a context where solidarity is becoming rare. This global discord do not allow to properly deal with global issues, though they are primordial, such as ecology or health.

Mixing historical analysis and personal observations (the author directly lived major historical events such as Islamic Revolution in Iran), this book is above all a warning for the world of tomorrow, so that it can face the future great challenges coming ahead.

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