Grégory Lasserre and Anaïs met den Ancxt are two artists working together as a duo under the name Scenocosme. They work and live in Rhône-Alpes region, in France.

They develop the concept of interactivity in their artworks by using multiple kinds of expression. They mix art and digital technology in order to find substances of dreams, poetries, sensitivities and delicacies. Their works come from possible hybridizations between the living world and technology which meeting points incite them to invent sensitive and poetic languages. They also explore invisible relationships with our environment : they can feel energetic variations of living beings. They design interactive artworks, and choreographic collective performances, in which spectators share extraordinary sensory experiences.

Anaïs met den Ancxt (born in Lyon 1981) graduated from the University of Lyon in Anthropology, from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts in Lyon (DNSEP design d’espace), and from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design of St Etienne (Post diplôme design and research).

Grégory Lasserre (born in Annecy 1976) studied Computer Science and Electronics and graduated a Master in Multimedia. Since 2002, he has been creating interactive artworks as a digital artist.

When they create their interactive artworks, they explore capacities of technologies in order to draw sensitive relationships through specific stagings where senses are augmented. Their artistic process is characterised by the introduction of natural elements in their technological art installation, like plants, stones, water, wood, human body. They are also interested by the living bodies and the influences of energy as sources of sensitive interactions like electrostatic energy and heat.

Thus, plants of their artwork Akousmaflore react to the human touch by different sounds. They use also water (Fluides), stones (Kymapetra) and wood (Ecorces; Matières sensibles) as elements capable to generate tactile, visual and sound sensory interactivity.

They pay a singular attention on spectator’s body because it is able to build relationship with others and elements. They focus on relationships that individuals can have between them and they suggest new meeting and relation possibilities. Their interactive installations involve the audience socially and physically :

Their artwork SphèrAléas is an interactive geodesic space which invites the spectators to experiment and create together visual and sound performances in real time. The CNC awards them a grant : DICRéAM (dispositif pour la création artistique multimédia) in 2005.

Lights Contacts is an interactive installation which invites spectators to touch skin and bodies of the others in order to create sound and light. In a poetic way, it questions the perception of the other in the public space. This artwork has received the «Award visual Arts and new technologies» during the competition of the festival Bains Numeriques in 2010, and the « Award Qwartz Arts New medias » in 2012.

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