To celebrate la Semaine de la langue française et de la Francophonie 2021, le Dictionnaire des Francophones (DDF) was launched.


The DDF is a collaborative wiki-style website, also available as iOS and Android apps to install on your devices.


This evolving dictionary, to which all French speakers can contribute, intends to illustrate and bring to life the diversity of the French language in all its richness of expressions and variety of standards around the world.


Currently, the DDF contains about 500,000 terms and expressions from 52 countries. It should soon contain one million thanks to user contributions.


One of the objectives of the DDF is also to facilitate terminological and lexicographical research throughout the French-speaking world by mobilizing experts, communities, researchers and students.


As a major force in the French-speaking world, Canada has more than a word to say. We are calling on all Canadians to contribute to the Dictionnaire des Francophones!