may, 2018

18mayallday20alldayVANCOUVER - The Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival 2018(All Day) PST Vancouver VR Film Festival, 700 Hamilton St, BC V6B 2R5

Event Details

The Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival (YVRFF) is a non-profit tech culture organization in Vancouver, BC. Through their annual film festival event, they are on a mission to change the storytelling experience on a global scale, 360 degrees at a time. YVRFF gives Vancouver the opportunity to explore the world of VR with the most innovative technology of Virtual Reality and creative content.

This year, YVRFF is back for its second season, with 3 days of screenings, from May 18th to May 20th.

Three French movies are presented this year.


Chorus VR transforms you and a few friends into fantastical female warriors and sends you off on an epic journey to faraway Tron-like fantasy worlds from the 1980s to battle weird treacherous monsters and save your species from extinction, all synchronized to the visceral sounds of Justice.


Peroration 6 VR is a immersive music experience set in the middle of the iconic Utah desert. Performed by London electronic music’s most forward-thinking talents, Sam Shepherd and his Floating Points band, this mesmerizing music performance will take you on a journey that will unleash both natural and supernatural elements

700 Sharks:

700 Sharks in the night » is a VR short-doc mini serie following Laurent Ballesta, famous underwater specialist and biologist. You will experience a unique feeling being like a member of a scientific expedition and diving at night in the middle of a pack of 700 sharks.

For further information, please visit the YVRFF’s website.


may 18 (Friday) - 20 (Sunday) PST


Vancouver VR Film Festival

700 Hamilton St, BC V6B 2R5

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